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The Columbian Home’s membership has grown almost 40% in just 3 years. But serious upgrades to our facilities are now needed to continue Providing, Preserving and Protecting this legacy of service for our members, families and community.

This 65th Anniversary Campaign is a multi-stage appeal to help fund major projects critical to the future of the Columbian Home. Your help at this historic time will make all the difference, so…

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Dear Friend,

The Columbian Home has reached a critical milestone in our 65-year history.

By providing exceptional hospitality and social engagement opportunities, we have grown significantly. Membership has increased almost 40 percent in just three years. Every month, this growth continues.

That is welcome news. Growth has enabled the Columbian Home to continue PROVIDING quality experiences for members, families and guests. It also helps support multiple efforts for nonprofit causes here in our Allentown community.

PRESERVING a classic 110-year old Victorian mansion and grounds is a never-ending task. Yet prudent maintenance and upgrades (plus the generosity of select members) have enabled the Columbian Home to keep up with those needs as well.

But with serious growth comes serious challenges. And one major challenge will determine whether we can sustain our mission while PROTECTING the Columbian Home legacy for the coming years and future generations.

The Columbian Home’s food preparation and delivery systems are old, overworked and unable to efficiently meet workflow demands during peak service times. Appliance breakdowns are common; repair costs are mounting.

Our kitchen and food facilities have not been seriously upgraded since the 1970s. It is time for a long-term solution.

Design/engineering/construction/outfitting projects of this scope are expensive; early estimates are in the $350,000+ range. Beyond commercial food operations, related improvements will include new handicap access to fully utilize our downstairs hospitality facilities. Again, an upgrade long overdue.

To help fund this effort, your Board is appealing to the generosity of our loyal members, past members, families and friends in the business community. Please read on and do what you can to join in this historic fundraising effort. Feel free to contact any Board member for more facts. We are determined to succeed. Together, with your help, we will. Thank you!

A Special Campaign for
a Very Special Place

Inside photo of The Columbian Home


The Columbian Home of Allentown, a 65-year-old nonprofit, provides a welcoming space for social, charitable, and community activities. We fundraise to support local charities and offer a free meeting venue for various nonprofit organizations.

Inside photo of The Columbian Home


Built in 1908, the Columbian Home is a historic late-Victorian building, showcasing Allentown's fading architectural heritage. The property, spanning a city block, includes structures, an arboretum, and green spaces. Preserving and maintaining these facilities in compliance with codes is a costly but essential part of our mission.

Inside photo of The Columbian Home


Critical upgrades are required to safeguard the Columbian Home's legacy of service to our growing membership and community. An anniversary campaign is in progress to raise funds, consisting of specific projects. Your contribution, no matter the size, will be remembered for its generosity. We hope you'll join us in supporting this vital effort.