A Note to our members-

The officers and staff of the Columbian Home wish to thank all our members for their support during these inflationary times. Our costs have been sky-rocketing for taxes, insurance, utilities and of course, food costs continue to soar. We constantly strive to offer the best value to our members and we assure you any future price increases will be kept as small as possible. We ask for your continued support as we hope and pray that things will return to normal soon. Thank you again for your patience. As Jackie Gleason would say, “You’re the greatest”.

Dining Reservations –

As with most restaurants, we continue to be short-staffed. Unfortunately, it is the world in which we currently exist. Please call in advance for dining reservations, including Sunday breakfast. This will help our staff to space out the seating times and enable them to better serve you. Please notify us if you cannot keep your reservation or the number in your party changes. Walk-ins are welcome, but you may have to wait to be seated. Most importantly, we ask for your patience. When calling for dining reservations select option 1. This connects directly to the kitchen. If they do not answer leave a message and someone will return your call. Please do not leave dining reservations on the office voice mail. The office is only open part-time and your reservation may not be received in time.

Welcome To Our New Members –

Active Members –
Matthew A. Schwoyer
Associate Members – 
Daniel Cestone
Carl P. Collis
Lou DeLeon
James P. Hasenecz
Kathy A. Hontz
Kathleen E. Katchur
John E. Klobosits, Jr.

Associate Members –
Ernie Kortvely
May Myint
Hugh M. O’Brien
Schauna Gayle
Pamela S. Schlaner
Robert W. Sherry
David S. Skok
Vincent Trant
Charles F. Urban
Jean R. Wertman

A reminder to all members: Our bartenders will ask to see your membership card. Anyone without a card may be refused service. This is Pennsylvania law. Please do not abuse the bartenders when asked for proof of membership.

We Are Happy To Announce –

Beginning Wednesday, August 10th the deck will be available for dinner as well as breakfast and lunch on Sundays. Of course, as always, it depends on the weather. Kathy has added another member to the Thyme 2 Dine staff. Her name is Tiffany. So next time you’re at the Home say “Hi” to Tiffany and welcome her to the Columbian Home.

Thursday Night Entertainment
7 to 10pm

Aug. 4 – Valerie Borman & Fred Reith
Aug. 11 – Johnny K.
Aug. 18 – Michael Sherer
Aug. 25 – Kato
Sept. 1 – Third Hand Acoustic Band
Sept. 8 – Johnny K.
Sept. 15 – Valerie Borman & Fred Reith
Sept. 22 – Michael Sherer
Sept. 29 – Kato

Upcoming Events –

Aug. 27 – Saturday Dance Party w/ Fraser Thomas Duo
First time appearance at the Columbian Home
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Oct. 23 – K of C Spaghetti Dinner – 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Nov. 06 – Annual Turkey Raffle
Nov. 24 – Thanksgiving Day Buffet