Columbian Home Family Tree Project

Have you sponsored a Memorial Leaf on the Home’s Family Tree?
It’s a great way to remember a Loved One or recognize a Special Person.
All donations will be used for our kitchen remodel and expansion project to ensure the future of our organization.

The tree is permanently displayed in our Porch dining area for the Columbian Home’s present and future generations of members and guests.

Thank you to all those members who have already committed to this important project.

Kitchen Update

Our Kitchen will be closed for renovations from July 1st to July 31st.
The bar will be open regular hours Mondays through Saturdays. The bar will be closed on Sundays since we won’t be serving breakfast. A food truck schedule is being sent to members by separate email.

We Need Help!

We have openings for the following part-time positions:
Bartender – Part-time, various days available. Call Jim Amey @ 484-515-4645 for details.
Kitchen Staff – Waitstaff and Dishwasher needed. Call Kathy Krom @ 610-217-2107 for details.

Thank you Shannon

We extend best wishes and a sincere “Thank you” to Shannon Melendez, a long time bartender here at the Home. She has acute back problems which do not allow her to be on her feet for long periods or run up and down the steps. Shannon was a valued employee for fourteen years. We will all miss you, Shannon.

Welcome To Our New Members

Active Members
William J. Caserta
John L. Fitzpatrick
Kurk W. Harris

Associate Members
Patricia A. Althoff
Mark S. Benedict
Jim D. Booros
Dawn R. Boyer
Charles H. Casella
Tammy L. Danner
Kathleen R. Doyle
Matthew D. Eck
Donald H. Eck, Jr.

Associate Members
Larry M. Fortunato
Jim L. Heidecker, III
Anne M. Hibshman
Mark B. Hoffert
Thomas J. Kalnas
Bryan G. Kish
Richard W. Krom
Richard D. Kuehner
Lisa L. Pinter
John M. Polaska
Mayra Romero
Andrew D. Steckel
Roger B. Trexler
Brian K. Walter

A reminder to all members: The Pennsylvania Liquor Code requires all members to produce proof of membership when requested. All guests must be accompanied by a member unless attending a private event catered by the club. Thank you for your co-operation.

Upcoming Events

July 4 – 4th of July Holiday – Home Closed
July 5 – Music on the Deck w/ Valerie Borman – 5:30 – 7:30pm
July 12 – Music on the Deck w/ Tim Harakal – 5:30 to 7:30pm
July 19 – Music on the Deck
July 22 – Bingo Night
July 26 – Music on the Deck

Thursday Night Entertainment

7 to 10pm
July 04 – Home Closed
July 11 – Johnny K.
July 18 – Michael Sherer
July 25 – Kato