Dining Reservations

Please call in advance for dining reservations, including Sunday breakfast. This will help our staff to space out the seating times and enable them to better serve you. Please notify us if you cannot keep your reservation or the number in your party changes. Walk-ins are welcome, but you may have to wait to be seated. Most importantly, we ask for your patience. When calling for dining reservations select option 1. This connects directly to the kitchen. If they do not answer leave a message and someone will return your call. Please do not leave dining reservations on the office voice mail. The office is only open part-time and your reservation may not be received in time.

Active Members
Mike Bubernack
Michael R. James
Sandra L. Muehlig
Michael J. Scanlan
Paul A. Sparling
Wayne J. Svetz

Associate Members
Margaret M. Adam
Linda J. Bear
Sally A. Bissey
Elizabeth L. Borgmann
Andy Boyer
Scott R. Buchman
Kara L Coleman
Cindy M. Dauble
Vincent P. DeStefanis
Mark S. Dobil
Nancy M. Dobil
Lisa A. Eichelberger
Jamie H. Gallagher
Vincent Genovese
Robert J. Greiss
Deborah L. Held
Joseph Hudson
Joseph A. Kelhart
Colby J. Kent

Associate Members
David P. Keppel
Jon R. Kleckner
Constance M. Knopf
Roberta M. Kratzer
Brian K. Lewis
Francisco j. Martinez
Deborah J. Matthews
Virginia Miller
Ann G. Magliane
Christine Minner
Thomas J. Muller
Cathy Pellegrino
Wayne L. Pesaresi
Mary A. Pickering
Larry R. Rabenold
Kevin S. Santos
Kelley A. Schlie
Donna S. Serio
Stephen L. Siessmayer
John Tomecsek, Jr.
Rodney R. Troutman
Bonita L Trump
Matthew A. Trump
David J. Willgruber
Vicki A. Zeppa
Michael P. Zuk

A reminder to all members: The Pennsylvania Liquor Code requires all members to produce proof of membership when requested. All guests must be accompanied by a member unless attending a private event catered by the club. Thank you for your co-operation.

Thursday Night Entertainment

7 to 10pm
Mar. 02 – Valerie & Fred
Mar. 09- Johnny K.
Mar. 16 – DJ Ron Funk
Mar. 23 – Michael Sherer
Mar. 30 – Kato

Upcoming Events

Mar. 19 – After the Parade Party – Stop in after you watch the parade!
Apr. 01 – Ham Raffle – 2:00 to 5:00 pm
Apr. 09 – Easter Sunday Buffet
May 14 – Mother’s Day Buffet
May 20 – Night at the Races – Details to follow