Columbian Home Family Tree Project

Have you sponsored a Memorial Leaf on the Home’s Family Tree?
It’s a great way to remember a Loved One or recognize a Special Person.
All donations will be used for our kitchen remodel and expansion project to ensure the future of our organization.

The tree is permanently displayed in our Porch dining area for the Columbian Home’s present and future generations of members and guests.

Thank you to all those members who have already committed to this important project.

Dining Reservations

Please call in advance for dining reservations, including Sunday breakfast. This will help our staff to space out the seating times and enable them to better serve you. Please notify us if you cannot keep your reservation or the number in your party changes. Walk-ins are welcome, but you may have to wait to be seated. Most importantly, we ask for your patience. When calling for dining reservations select option 1. This connects directly to the kitchen. If they do not answer leave a message and someone will return your call. Please do not leave dining reservations on the office voice mail. The office is only open part-time and your reservation may not be received in time.

Bar News

The Board of Directors greatly appreciates the loyalty and support of all our members. We are constantly working to make The Columbian Home the best value in the area. However, recent price increases on both goods and services require that we reevaluate our pricing structure. Over the next few months we will be adjusting some bar prices and ask for your understanding. Our intention is to keep any increases to a minimum. As requested by members, we will also be reviewing our wine selections. Since wine tastes are personal, please let us know which new selections you prefer. We will never be the the lowest cost club in town, but we hope to continue to offer the greatest value. Thank you again for your understanding.

Welcome To Our New Members

Active Members
Joseph M. Burda
Ray Suhocki

Associate Members

Wayne S. Ahner
Kathy A. Baker
Gina A. Barber
Sally Bissey
Barry D. Buchman
Fred Butler
Kathleen Daday Merkel
Maria L. Defebo-Edwards
Angelo V. Deluzio, Jr.
Phillip P. Ferguson
Pamela J. Garin
Edward F. Gibney
John K. Gourniak
Michael A. Gourniak
Greg D. Gristick
Francis J. Hardner
Tasia A. Hatcher
Paula M. Henry
Joseph P. Hlavinka

Associate Members

Teri L. Hontz
Joan M. Jerant
Joanna M. Kilgannon
Joan E. Laudenslager
Maureen C. McFarland
Ann G. Magliane
Linda K. Martinez
Darlene M Moser
Samantha Newstadt
Edwin Pena
Cari-Lynn Piotrowski
Janice H. Reed
Rob J. Ringhoffer
Guy R. Rosevelt
JoAnne Shilaskas
Susan L. Souerwine
Stephen G. Spitzer
Geraldinr L. Strohl
Craig J. Wells
Terry L. Warmkessel
Carl J. Wilson
Michael P. Zuk

A reminder to all members: The Pennsylvania Liquor Code requires all members to produce proof of membership when requested. All guests must be accompanied by a member unless attending a private event catered by the club. Thank you for your co-operation.

Upcoming Events

March 2 – Country & Western Night w/ “The Ole Cowpoke” Johnny K. 7 – 10pm
March 17 – After the Parade Party w/ D.J. Rob Reilly – 3:00 to 6:00
March 23 – Annual Easter Ham Raffle 2 to 5 pm
March 25 – Bingo Night
March 31 – Easter Sunday Buffet
April 6 – Karaoke w/ Allen Newton
May 12 – Mother’s Day Buffet
May 18 – Columbian Home 65th Anniversary Party
May 31 – Music on the Deck – w/ TBA – 5:30 to 7:30
June 7 – Music on the Deck w/ Chris George – 5:30 to 7:30

Positions Available at The Columbian Home

We are currently looking to add a part-time bartender, a part-time waitress/waiter and a part-time dishwasher to our staff. If you are looking for part-time employment or you know someone who is, please call us at 610-432-6333 or stop in and pick up an application.

Thursday Night Entertainment

7 to 10pm
March 7 – Valerie & Fred
March 14 – Johnny K.
March 21 – Michael Sherer
March 28 – Kato