Dining Reservations

Please call in advance for dining reservations, including Sunday breakfast. This will help our staff to space out the seating times and enable them to better serve you. Please notify us if you cannot keep your reservation or the number in your party changes. Walk-ins are welcome, but you may have to wait to be seated. Most importantly, we ask for your patience. When calling for dining reservations select option 1. This connects directly to the kitchen. If they do not answer leave a message and someone will return your call. Please do not leave dining reservations on the office voice mail. The office is only open part-time and your reservation may not be received in time.

Active Members
Vanessa A. Gerancher
Nick Rutigliano

Associate Members
Jane M. Albright
Laurie E. Albright
Jaclyn M. Amey
Daniel J. Craig
Esther A. Davis
John Gilespie
Cynthia J. Haenn
Shirley Hafer
Tammy L. Hensinger
Lori Kave
Dina M. Kelly
Chris D. Lanshe
Joseph F. Leitner, Jr.

Associate Members
Dolores J. Marks
Bridget Martin
Dominic Mazziotta
Chris M. Mihalik
Sylvester Novak
Kathy Perinotto
Gary C. Saeger
Kathy A. Sam
Tom C. Smith
Linda L. Smith
Annamarie Steber
Brian W. Stewarts
John H. Wallis
Onalise M. Witty
Beverly L. Wisser
Jane A. Zednik

A reminder to all members: The Pennsylvania Liquor Code requires all members to produce proof of membership when requested. All guests must be accompanied by a member unless attending a private event catered by the club. Thank you for your co-operation.

Healthcare Seminars

The Columbian Home will be hosting healthcare seminars for our members who have questions concerning Medicare changes for 2024. They will be conducted by Bridgeman Strategic Concepts. a United Healthcare agent. The seminars will be held at the Home on October 17 from 10 am to noon, November 9 from 10am to noon and November 28 from noon to 2pm. This will be an opportunity for our members to have all their Medicare questions answered. To register, please contact Miriam Bridgeman at 610-614-6007.

Upcoming Events

September 3 & 4 – Labor Day Holiday – Home Closed
October 17 – Healthcare Seminar – 10 am
October 23 – BINGO – 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
November 4 – Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Raffle
November 9 – Healthcare Seminar – 10 AM
November 23 – Thanksgiving Buffet
November 28 – Healthcare Seminar – 12 noon
December 16 – Members Christmas Dance

Positions Available at The Columbian Home

We are currently looking to add a part-time bartender and a part-time waitress/waiter to our staff. If you are looking for part-time employment or you know someone who is, please call us at 610-432-6333 or stop in and pick up an application.

Thursday Night Entertainment

7 to 10pm

Sept. 07 – Kato
Sept. 14 – Johnny K.
Sept. 21 – Michael Sherer
Sept. 28 – Kato

Oct. 05 – Valerie & Fred
Oct. 12 – Johnny K.
Oct. 19 – Michael Sherer
Oct. 26 – Kato