Have you noticed how nice the parking lot and entrance look since they were repaved? The complaints of volcanic activity and meteor impacts have been greatly reduced. We have to thank Steve Selvaggio and Joe Brogan for overseeing the project (and still maintaining their sanity).

Our membership is growing, and that is a good sign. We have over 1300 members now, and most of them are from this planet. We also have some great organizations that use the Columbian Home for their meetings, luncheons, and dinners. Every month in my President’s Message, I will highlight one of these fine groups. This month’s organization is the Knights of Columbus Council 528. The Knights have been meeting at the Columbian Home longer than any other organization. In fact, dinosaurs roamed the earth when they held their first meeting. The Columbian Home had to erect a sign out front that said, “Do Not Feed the Pterodactyls.” Anyway, the Knights hold their meetings here on the second Monday of each month. They also hold other special events here, such as Spaghetti Dinners (there is one coming up on October 23, as well as a Golf Outing on September 24), and the fantastic, never-to-be-topped Turkey and Ham Raffles (Turkey Raffle coming up on November 6 – it’s a Sunday this year – be there!) where the Knights partner with the Columbian Home to raise funds for people in need. So, please support Council 528’s activities. If you’d like more information about the Council, contact Grand Knight Doug Wunderler at 484-695-8018. Also, if you know of an organization that needs a place to meet, tell them about the beautiful Columbian Home.

Good News – starting Wednesday, August 10th (and continuing as long as the weather allows), the deck will be open for Kathy Krom’s fabulous culinary delights! Enjoy your favorite beer, wine or cocktail and kick back and enjoy the beautiful view. Bon Appetit! (That’s French for “I’ll have another, please.” Trust me. I wouldn’t kid you.)

At my store, our second-floor air conditioner died on the hottest day of the year. My Better Half would not let me wear my Speedo at home or to work. She said it would traumatize the dogs and my employees would give up their lunches. In fact, I had to promise that I would not wear anything inappropriate to work or to the Columbian Home. My father always said to dress appropriately for the occasion – you wouldn’t want your plumber coming to fix your sink wearing a tuxedo. When you go for a checkup, you don’t want to see your doctor in a Batman costume, and you don’t want your President coming to the Columbian Home in a Speedo. Oh, Well! We should all dress appropriately when we visit the beautiful Columbian Home, don’t you think? Thank you.

Keep cool and stay safe. As always, you will be remembered in my prayers.
Joe Mascari, President.