Last month was a hot one, to say the least, so the First Lady and I took a mini vacation to the cool city of Pittsburgh. Why did you go to Pittsburgh, you ask? It was the one weekend of the year when that city changes its name to Picklesburgh. The whole city has pickle mania. There was pickle beer, pickle ice cream, pickle bread – even pickle apparel. Because of my presidency here at the beautiful Columbian Home, I bought myself a shirt that says, “I’m a Big Dill.” My wife says that I should buy one that says “I’m a Big Dope” for spending so much money on a stupid t-shirt that I won’t wear. I hate it when she’s right.

Anyway, we had a great time, but we did spend $8.00 for a beer and $18.00 for a sandwich (with pickles) for lunch. I keep realizing what a great bargain the beautiful Columbian Home is when it comes to drinks, food, and having a Big Dill for a president. For a membership fee of only $20.00, it’s a fabulous deal.
Speaking of beer and food, Christopher’s Restaurant at the beautiful Columbian Home needs waitstaff. If you know of someone who is interested, please call the Columbian Home at 610-432-6333, push “1” for reservations, and talk to Chef Kathy Krom. Also, the Anchor Bar is looking for a part-time bartender, so call that same number and push “3” to talk to Bar Manager Jim Amey.

We are still working on the card reader on the outside deck door. We thought we had it ready to go, but a squirrel with a fake ID figured out how to bypass the system. We hope to have it repaired before we colonize Mars. I’ll keep you posted.

The First Lady and I are going to the beautiful Columbian Home for dinner this evening. I asked her earlier in the day, “What’s for dinner this evening?” She said, “Nothing.” I said, “But we had nothing last night.” She said, “I know. I made enough for two days.” Thank goodness for the Columbian Home.
The Board of Directors is still working on plans to remodel the kitchen. The cost is going to be high, so we are working on plans to deal with that situation, and we are going to need your help to make it happen. I’ll keep you informed as plans become clearer.

I would like to thank retired Board Member Bob Trinkle for his many years of service to the Columbian Home. Bob decided not to run for re-election in May, even though we told him we would double his pay (2 x $0). I was always weak in math. Seriously, on behalf of all of us, thank you, Bob.

We have many great organizations that hold their meetings at the beautiful Columbian Home, and I’d like to spotlight some of them in my messages to you. The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) is a fraternal order of Catholic men of Irish descent. It is the oldest operating Catholic organization in the U.S., with over 46,000 members in forty-six states, Canada, and Ireland. Our Lehigh Valley chapter has more than one hundred members. The early growth of the Hibernians is linked to coal mining in nearby Schuylkill County, where the infamous Molly Maguire trials were held. The AOH membership has included labor leaders, bishops, astronauts and presidents – John F. Kennedy and Joe Mascari (Yes, I’m half Irish – thank you, Mom). If you are interested in learning more about the AOH or in becoming a member, contact President Ken Walsh. May the luck of the Irish be with you always.

Stay cool and safe. Remember to stay out of the sun and stay hydrated – a good reminder especially for us senior citizens. Don’t regret growing old; it’s a privilege denied to many.

As always, you will be in my prayers.