Two weeks ago I took a tour of the beautiful Western part of our country.  I visited wonderful sites in South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Utah. I learned a lot of new things. First of all, the bears in Yellowstone Park refer to bicyclists as “Meals on Wheels.” I stayed on the bus. I also learned a new rendition of a popular staying: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.” I stayed on the bus. Finally, I saw a sign at the park entrance that said, “Do not pet the fluffy cows.” There was a picture of a bison below it. I stayed on the bus. Anyway, that is why I missed the Board elections. I stayed on the bus.

I would like to congratulate the new members of our Columbian Home Board of Directors, elected at our May 17 meeting: Sean Gallagher, Ken Walsh, and John Ammon, along with the retention of our fine Vice President, Steve Selvaggio. Steve has been a great asset to the Board, and is an all-around nice guy. (OK, Steve, I said it. I’m now expecting that envelope full of dead presidents to magically appear on my desk just like you promised.)

Sean Gallagher has been a member of the Columbian Home for years, and has also filled the quota of how many Gallaghers can sit on the Board at one time (three). Sean’s acumen in finance (for those of you who live in Center Valley and didn’t graduate from DeSales University, acumen means “a combination of knowledge and skill formed by experience.”) I am hoping he can help Steve fill that envelope with the dead presidents I wrote about earlier.

Ken Walsh is the current President of the Lehigh County Ancient Order of Hibernians, and is a person who gets things done. He is also a retired law enforcement officer. Ken has helped us fill the quota of how many Sons of St. Patrick can sit on the Board. Welcome, Ken.

John Ammon is a long-time member of the Columbian Home and a former Board member. Joe Brogan informed me that John has a strong financial background and that his checks always clear. Maybe John could remind Steve that checks don’t belong in that special envelope – only pictures of dead presidents. We are happy to welcome John to our Board of Directors.

Anyway, we have three great new additions to our Board whose goal is to make the Columbian Home the happiest place on earth. We are welcoming new members at an amazing rate – remember that applications are always available at the Anchor Bar!

I would like to thank our retired Board Members for their years of dedicated service: Tim Butler, Dan Driscoll, and Mike Horvath devoted countless hours to make the Columbian Home a better place. Gentlemen, thank you on behalf of all our members.

Last but not least, I just remembered the most important information I learned while roaming the plains of Wyoming. Are you ready? Are you sure? OK, but don’t groan: What do you call a steer lying down? Ground beef. You’re welcome.

Please stay safe and healthy. I keep you all in my prayers.


Joe Mascari, President.