I really loved this past February. It had two of my favorite annual events:
1. Ground Hog’s Day
2. The State of the Union Address

One of them involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a notoriously unreliable mammal for prognostications (for those of you from Northampton, “prognostications” means foretelling the future) with no basis in reality. The other involves a ground hog.
I also loved the Valentine’s Day Dance at the beautiful Columbian Home on February 11th. The food was great, the Columbian Home was decorated beautifully, the dining room was sold out, and Valerie and Fred had us all dancing until my bedtime. Our events at the beautiful Columbian Home are getting to be sellouts, so be sure to make your reservations early.

There are reports getting back to us that members are allowing non-members to use their membership cards. If this occurs, the card will be taken, and the member banned from the Home. So, please do not let anyone use your membership card to get into the Home. This is a Pennsylvania LCB regulation to which we must adhere. We will be having membership card checks on Thursday evenings, so be sure to bring yours along or you may not be able to get in. Remember, we are a members-only facility. Only the elite may join the beautiful Columbian Home, and we have refused membership to those who do not meet our rigid standards. Hitler, Stalin, Lucifer, Snidely Whiplash and Hannibal Lecter are just a few who didn’t make the cut. Always carry your card and make sure that no one else uses it.

Beginning this month (March), reservations will be required for Sunday breakfast. We are getting to be so busy on Sundays we are unable to handle the brunch crowds. If you would like to stop in for a drink at the Anchor Bar, you are welcome to do so, but if you want to eat in the dining room, you must make a reservation. And speaking of reservations, remember to provide your membership number when you make reservations at any time. (We considered asking for a DNA sample as well, but that’s little messy, so we’ll just ask for your membership number.)

I almost forgot to mention the greatest event since the Dawn of Time and Tony Orlando, the Greatest Ham Raffle of All Time. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the beautiful Columbian Home will present our 189th Ham Raffle on Saturday, April 1st and I’m not kidding! So, make plans right now to attend. There will be over 75 prizes, 20 hams, and a beautiful area rug donated by a wonderful individual who always wears pajamas to bed but never to the Columbian Home, ten handmade blankets donated by Vangie Noll, free beer and soda during the raffle, and more surprises that I haven’t’ thought of yet. So, be at the beautiful Columbian Home on Saturday, April 1st. The raffle starts at 2:00 PM and ends at 5:00 PM, so come in time to get a good seat.

As always, I will keep you in my prayers.