So, my next door neighbor knocked on my front door at 3 a.m. on Tuesday. 3 A.M.!!! Luckily, my son was already up playing the bagpipes…

Yes – the High Holy Day of the Feast of St. Patrick (for those of you from Coplay, that’s March 17) will soon be upon us, and the beautiful Columbian Home will have the best Post-St. Patrick’s Parade Party in town. In fact, it will be so good that even an Irishman’s heartbeat will be a-Dublin! (See your local cardiologist for an explanation of that joke.) Sometimes, I even have trouble with my own sense of humor. Like when I was asked who my favorite child is…I guess I was supposed to pick one of my own. Anyway, the party starts at 3:00 PM and lasts until the lovely leprechaun waitresses run out of Shepherd’s Pie, the Guinness runs out at the bar, and DJ Rob Reilly plays all of his great Irish songs. (He’s got some beauties lined up: “Are Goombahs Really Irish?” and “My Wild Irish Pub Crawler.” Come and join us after the Parade – it’s going to be a great afternoon, so break out your green gear and join us.

Six days after the St. Patrick’s Festivities the great, fantastic, one-of-a-kind Ham Raffle will take place at the beautiful Columbian Home. Yes, I know it’s an event you have longed for since last November’s Great Turkey Raffle. So, on Saturday, March 23, we will raffle off so many hams that pigs will be put on the endangered species list. We’ll also have three fabulous meat trays with steak, shrimp, and lobster fresh from the Jordan Creek. Of course, there will also be 75 fantastic prizes and some super prizes, too. Free soda and select beer are available during the raffle hours of 2:00 – 5:00 PM. Come for the raffle, stay for dinner, and don’t forget to return your Ham Raffle tickets to the beautiful Columbian Home asap.

Thursday nights are our busiest and most crowded evening at the beautiful Columbian Home. Please make sure that you have a reservation – you really do need to call ahead (610-432-6333 ext. 1) if you are coming for dinner and dancing. Table seating will only be reserved for members with reservations. If you want to take a chance that there is an empty spot at the bar for dining and drinks, you may, but no table seating will be available without a reservation. Live music is always the best, and it’s what makes our Thursday evenings at the beautiful Columbian Home so very special.

The Easter Bunny told me that the beautiful Columbian Home is having a wonderful Easter Brunch on Sunday, March 31, which just happens to be – get this – Easter! Make your reservation asap (for those of you from Easton, which means “as soon as possible”) because this buffet sells out every year. This year, Chef Kathy Krom told me that the old joke “Waiter, there’s a hare in my soup” will not be tolerated. Last year, it made Kathy hopping mad.

Did you purchase a leaf for the beautiful Columbian Home Family Tree located in the porch dining area? It’s a great way to memorialize a loved one, congratulate a student, remember an anniversary, and help the Beautiful Columbian Home realize our goal of a new kitchen. A silver leaf costs $200, a gold leaf is $350, and an emerald leaf is $500. We also accept donations in any amount – no contributions are too large or too small. Please make your check payable to the “The Columbian Home.”

Who likes karaoke? I love it because I actually get paid not to sing, but those of you with golden pipes should get ready for Saturday, April 6. It will be our first karaoke night and I surely hope it’s not our last! Let’s make it a success.

I wish you and your family a joyous Easter. As always, I keep you all in my prayers.

All the best,
Joe Mascari, President