Who knows what Sunday, May 12th is? Raise your hand. I hate it when it’s the same people who know all the answers. Anyway, it’s Mother’s Day! Those of you who know the answer, give yourselves a high five, but not too loud. Chef Kathy Krom is preparing a fantastic Mother’s Day Buffet at the beautiful Columbian Home so you can take the woman you love and adore out for her special day. Make your reservations asap (for those of you from Coplay, asap means “as soon as possible”) because the event is a sell-out every year.

When a friend of mine lost some fingers on his right hand in a freak accident, I asked him if he would still be able to write with it. He said, “Probably, but I wouldn’t count on it.” One thing you can count on is that on Saturday, May 18, the beautiful Columbian Home will have the best 65th Anniversary Party you’ve ever seen. For starters, select beer will be only 65 cents a glass! Are we insane or what? Not only that, but we are going to have a cake baked by Taylor Swift…or Jonathan Swift…or somebody who’s name sounds like Swift…never mind. The cake will be delicious. I will personally eat the first piece just so I can certify the degree of deliciousness for you. Our entertainer that evening will be the very talented Kristen Morgenstern. She was spectacular at our Valentine’s Dinner Dance, and we’ve had many requests for her return. So, we’re bringing her back for this very special night. Please join us for a party to celebrate our 65th Anniversary!

On Thursday night, May 16, The Castaways will return for a night you will never forget. I do forget some things, don’t you? Like passwords. Just once, I’d like a password prompt to respond, “close enough.” Anyway, make your reservations and come enjoy The Castaways on May 16.

Have you purchased a leaf on The Columbian Home Family Tree? If you haven’t, please consider buying one if you are financially able. You’ve probably seen all the work that’s being done on the new kitchen.

All the money raised from The Family Tree will be used to make the kitchen the finest one since Betty Crocker asked, “Do I smell gas?” We do need your help, so buy a leaf to honor a loved one, a special occasion, or to convey a special message. If you can’t purchase a leaf, any amount you can spare will be appreciated and put to excellent use improving our facilities. Thank you in advance and thank you to all who have already purchased leaves.

At the next Board Meeting, which is Tuesday, May 21, we will be taking nominations and voting for four positions on the Columbian Home Board of Directors. Fortunately, Jim Gallagher, Diane Weber-Gallagher, Mike Keenan, and Dianne Mascari have agreed to run to retain their seats on the Board, but any 5-year Active Members may apply to be on the ballot.

Do you feel lucky? Well, you can get lucky at the beautiful Columbian Home (Not like that! You people from Northampton are so naughty) by coming to play bingo on Monday evening, May 20. Get out your lucky rabbit’s foot and come join the fun.
On Friday, May 31, we will open the deck with music for your listening pleasure. We hope to have music on the deck on Friday evenings throughout the summer as long as the weather permits, and our members support it.

Have you ever noticed how well maintained and decorated our pergola is at the beautiful Columbian Home? If you haven’t, please make an appointment with your optician. For years, every season has had a fitting theme, and it just made you happy when you parked your car. Well, the person responsible for all this work is Columbian Home member Rudy Savelli. Unfortunately, Rudy must give up this labor of love due to health reasons. Please be sure to thank him for the many hours he has dedicated to beautifying the Columbian Home pergola and garden area. Rudy, we truly appreciate all your hard work.

If you know someone who likes to “play in the dirt” like Rudy, let me know. I know Rudy will gladly give him/her a few good hints.
I’m saddened to report the passing of Joe Samanka, Past Grand Knight of Council 528. Joe passed away on April 21 after a brave battle with cancer. He was a good man and will be missed. Please keep Joe and his family in your prayers.

Please stay safe and healthy. As always, I keep you all in my prayers.
All the best,

Joe Mascari, President