Summer has left us and the sun has decided not to collide with planet Earth – at least not this year. Fall is here. What a beautiful time of year. All I can think about are the great football games ahead of us, the Halloween festivities on the horizon, the birthdays and anniversaries that I’ll forget, and most importantly of all, the greatest Turkey Raffle the world has ever seen. Yes, Folks, it will be coming to the beautiful Columbian Home on SUNDAY, November 6, starting at 3:00 and going strong until 5:00 PM. Get a good seat at the bar, or a good table in the dining room and arrive early and enjoy a cocktail. There will be free beer and soda until the end of the raffle or the end of the world, whichever comes first. Food will be available before, during and after the raffle. We’ll be raffling off 20 of the best-looking and tasting turkeys that Jaindl Farms have been raising since the Pilgrims realized that lobster was only appropriately served at Christmas. We’ll also be raffling off two tremendous meat trays featuring steak, lobster, and other creatures from the land and sea. (And the rumor that the meat trays contain roadkill is false. We stopped doing that two years ago.)

Also in the raffle will be ten (10) wonderful blankets made by our beloved Vangie Noll, a few rugs donated by an anonymous Columbian Home member (what a guy!), and over 70 prizes, some of which were left over from Queen Elizabeth II’s recent garage sale at Windsor Castle. So, bring the yellow raffle tickets you received in the mail with your name and phone number clearly written on them so we can stuff that raffle drum full! More tickets are available at the bar (now and during the raffle), so bring some cash so you can purchase more and enter the drawings for all the great prizes already mentioned. Like my Uncle Guido used to say, “There’s nothin’ like da smell of cash at da Turkey Raffle.” Bring your friends, neighbor, and whatever relatives you’re still speaking to and enjoy a great SUNDAY afternoon with us on November 6. Remember that the proceeds of the raffle directly benefit local charities, so thank you in advance for your generosity.

On a sad note, Vangie Noll passed away recently. She was always a great supporter of the Columbian Home, and wonderful employee of Carpets and Rugs International, and a very good friend of mine. We appreciate the many, many blankets she made and donated to the raffles over the years. She’ll be there in spirit this year, I’m sure. Please keep her in your prayers and remember her with a smile.

Thank you for the support you give our beautiful Columbian Home. May God bless you and your families. As always, I keep you in my daily prayers.

Joe Mascari, President.