I was on vacation for the last two weeks and I heard that the rainfall was on the heavy side here and that ark building was the latest fad in Northampton. On the flip side, the weather where the First Lady and I vacationed was perfect. Where did you go, you might ask to have such perfect weather? It would be the mountains of Colorado and Utah, and the desert of New Mexico. At least that’s what my wife told me. I know it wasn’t New Jersey…

Now, beautiful weather makes me hungry, so the First Lady and I went on a hunt for good restaurants. We found several that gave me sticker shock and were also a downgrade in food, service, and décor. One restaurant had the reputation of being the best in the city (as well as the most expensive). Since it was the First Lady’s turn to buy dinner, I said, “Let’s go there. I bought last night, so now it’s your turn.” She then had the nerve to inform me that Chucky Cheese’s is not dinner (I respectfully disagree). The first sign that a restaurant is expensive is that when I made my reservation, they asked me for my Platinum American Express number and if I had two healthy kidneys. I replied “no” to both questions. They told me that we could still eat there, but we would have to bus tables and sit in the kitchen. Our waiter, Dr. Von Frankenstein, made us speak in a whisper so we wouldn’t disturb the wealthy clientele and to stop screaming every time the kitchen door hit me in the head.

Now, most of what I just told you is pure fiction but remember that I make stuff up all the time. My point is that I could not wait to come back to the beautiful Columbian Home for a wonderful meal. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have. I know that inflation has driven prices up everywhere, but if you want quality at a good price, then the Columbian Home is your spot for dining. The chef, the waitstaff, the food, and the best-looking President (next to Mike Garger, of course) are all at the beautiful Columbian Home. Make your reservations today so you can tell me I was right. I dine there nearly every weekend (if I promise to behave myself).

I do have some earth-shattering news – are you ready? The Columbian Home’s Fabulous, One-of-a-Kind, Never-a-Dull-Moment Turkey Raffle will be held on Saturday, November 11 from 2-5 PM. Your tickets will be in the mail soon. We raffle off 20 of the best-looking turkeys that Macungie has ever produced. We also have 75 terrific prizes, as well as meat trays, handmade blankets, and a couple of gorgeous area rugs. There will be free beer and soda during the raffle, and lunch and dinner (not free) will be served until 8:00 PM. If you would like to donate a prize for the raffle, it must be new and in its original packaging. Drop off your prize at the Anchor Bar before November 11, and be sure to label it “Turkey Raffle.” So, mark your calendars, break open your piggy bank, and get ready for a great time.

We are getting ready to start a fundraising campaign for a new kitchen. Board Member, Mike Keenan, is doing a fabulous job of creating the campaign. Watch for more details soon.

Try not to scare too many people this Halloween, and don’t eat all the candy you bought for the Trick or Treaters (unless you bought Reese’s Pieces – then eat a belly full). Stay safe and healthy, and, as always, I will keep you in my prayers.

All the best,
Joe Mascari, President