We get lots of appreciative letters and emails from our members about the Columbian Home experience.  And we appreciate them all.  Here are excerpts from a recent letter to our  board president Joe Mascari that really says it all…

Mr. Mascari,

First I want to say that I enjoy your newsletter and your sense of humor.  I enjoy being a member of the Columbian Home, the entertainment, the staff (who are remarkable, polite, pleasant, friendly, fun and efficient), the atmosphere and the new friends my husband and I have made who make us feel like family.

There is no other place like the Columbian Home anywhere—only in Allentown, PA.   It is the greatest place to capture a time from both the past and present…while preserving it for the future. 

I also agree that being a Member of such a special and unique organization requires respect in all things, especially language and dress.  If a person doesn’t feel this way there are many establishments they can go where there are different standards of behavioral decency and respect. 

Thank you for your leadership and keeping us all up-to-date.  We look forward to seeing all our friends (and making new ones), and seeing the smiling faces of Sara, Michele, Donna, Kathy, the performing entertainers…and all the other team members that make the Columbian Home so special.

Linda and Richard C.

Thank you for sharing these insights about what being a member means to you.  Keep them coming…and we will keep doing our best to support the quality, value and experience that is the Columbian Home.